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As a new mom, I’ve found myself thrown into motherhood really not prepared enough. We all know it’s hard, giving birth and recovery is hard, breastfeeding is hard and painful, the sleep  deprivation, and everything else that comes with being a new mom. It’s sweet yet bitter, happy yet sad, fulfilling yet discouraging—all those mixed emotions rolled into one. We don’t know how hard being a mom is until we become moms ourselves. While I was pregnant, I didn’t really realize that breastfeeding would be hard for me. I’ve always thought that it’s natural and would be painful at first. It would be a very beautiful experience for me and my baby. I’ve always thought that pumping was an option mainly for when moms who are going back to work. I thought it wasn’t really going to be a problem since I work from home and my baby would be with me 24/7.

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 But what I didn’t know was that, for some moms, it would be very hard to nurse. Latching was hard and painful. I think I got the hang of it finally after a month. But still it was painful and my baby seems to always be very fussy. My baby was underweight which concerned me. So days went by and I continued to nurse as often as he wanted. But I was really in pain because around that time he started pulling and was crying all the time. So for my sanity’s sake, I decided to just pump the milk out. It seemed impossible for me then that I would be exclusively pumping. Things really didn’t go as what I planned when I was pregnant. Immediately, I found relief for myself. The baby stopped crying, I could hear myself think again. That was my eureka moment. I realized that by taking care of myself first, I would be able to take better care of my little one. He gained weight and his demeanor has changed from being fussy to being happy and contented. This made me super happy. Moms often forget the importance of taking care of themselves–that in order for you to take care of your little ones, you first need to take care of yourself. So that’s what we’re all about at Think Milk. Taking care of the needs of mothers, from the very first day of post partum, making their lives easier with innovative products and gadgets that can bring comfort, so moms can enjoy their motherhood journey while taking care of their little ones. 

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