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During Nursing, a baby’s tongue stimulates the mother’s nipples and it’s jaw compresses the mother’s areola. These motions, combined with suction, maximize milk expression and have been associated with better latch and less maternal pain. The BabyMotion Flange mimics the baby to compress the mother’s nipple and areola and transforms pumping into a more effective and comfortable nursing experience.

★ MIMICS BABY’S SUCKLING MOTIONS – The BabyMotion Flange is developed based on biomechanics studies of nursing babies. Its unique compression window deflects during pumping and compresses the mother’s nipple and areola regions to mimic the baby’s tongue movement during nursing.

★ STIMULATE LETDOWN – The BabyMotion Flange gives pumping moms the sensation of nipple and areola compression, which stimulates the natural letdown reflux and helps increase pumping efficiency.

★ SOFT AND COMFORTABLE – The BabyMotion Flange is made of soft BPA-free material that is comfortable on a lactating breast, a very sensitive part of the female body. It feels so much better than a hard plastic flange that just pulls on the nipple and leave pumping moms feeling like dairy cows. We strive to improve the pumping experience because we know what it feels like.

★ BETTER SEAL – The BabyMotion Flange creates a better seal around the breast because it’s soft and moves with slight breast deflection due to milk expression. It eliminates the need to adjust your flange in the middle of a pumping session.

★ PROTECTED PRIVACY – Throw the worry of getting walked in on out of the window. With semi-transparent design of the BabyMotion Flange, you can pump at ease because even if someone, either a family member or a co-worker, walks in, they won’t be able see your breasts. However, the compression window is still transparent enough to allow you to easily center the flange on your breast.

★ FEWER PARTS TO CLEAN – Unlike other soft flange inserts that still requires a hard flange outside, BabyMotion Flange replaces the hard flange so that there are fewer parts to wash.

★ COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR PUMPS – Directly compatible with all Medela, Lansinoh, and Hygeia breast pumps. It could be used with Spectra Pumps by using a Maymom Wide-Mouth Base adaptor. It can also be used with Baby Buddha pumps by using a Medela connector and a long-stem back-flow protector.

In the Box:
– Contains one pair of BabyMotion Flange.

How to use:
– The BabyMotion Flange is designed to be used as any standard flange. The only difference is that it’s soft and moves like a baby’s tongue when pumping.
– To ensure that the BabyMotion Flange works properly, push it firmly into the breast pump connector with a slight twisting motion. the BabyMotion window can be positioned anywhere on the areola.
– Because the BabyMotion Flange is soft and absorbs some vacuum, you may need to turn the pump suction level up slightly than when using a hard flange.

– Prior to first use, sterilize by steaming or boiling water for 3 minutes.
– After each use, wash with warm soapy water and air dry.
– Safe to wash on the top rack of dishwasher.

– The BabyMotion Flange should be replaced if it becomes cracked, sticky or damaged.
– Safe to use if the flange is slightly discolored due to long term use.

LacTeck BabyMotion size recommendation

15-17mm ➡️ 15mm

18-20mm ➡️ 18mm

21-23mm ➡️ 21mm

24-26mm ➡️ 24mm

27-29mm ➡️ 27mm

To maximize the effect of the BabyMotion flange, you need to have a snug fit so the nipple and areola will be properly stimulated.


21mm Pair, 24mm Pair, 21mm 1pc, 24mm 1pc, 4th Gen 12mm 1pc, 4th Gen 15mm 1pc, 4th Gen 18mm 1pc, 4th Gen 21mm 1pc, 4th Gen 24mm 1pc, 4th Gen 27mm 1pc, 4th Gen 12mm Pair, 4th Gen 15mm Pair, 4th Gen 18mm Pair, 4th Gen 21mm Pair, 4th Gen 24mm Pair, 4th Gen 27mm Pair


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