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Pump2Baby Bottle helps exclusively pumping moms to closely mimic the nursing experience and enhance bonding with baby during feeding.

Pump2Baby Bottle allows you to pump and feed at the same time. If you exclusively pump for 6 months, that’s a total of 180 hours saved, some of which could totally be used for sleeping!

Pump2Baby Bottle allows you to give your baby freshly pumped milk instead of frozen milk, in which precious nutrients are lost.

Our unique one-way valve design ensures that any left-over breast milk is not spoiled – we need to save every drop of the liquid gold!

For pace feeding to avoid overfeeding, simply take the nipple out of your baby’s mouth after every 15-20 swallows.

Pump2Baby Bottle is designed to maintain ambient atmospheric pressure to prevent air from entering baby’s mouth. Before feeding, please ensure you’ve pumped some milk into the bottle first and stop feeding once there is no milk left in the bottle.




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