LacTeck SuckleThrough Nipple Shield (S: 15-20mm) pair


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The SuckleThrough Nipple Shield is designed to help moms with elastic nipples to nurse or wean from traditional nipple shields. The open top allows the mother’s nipple to extend into the baby’s mouth and come into direct contact with baby’s saliva. It also helps protect from a bad latch and create a more comfortable experience.

Size S is good for nipple size 15-20mm. Each pack contains 2 nipple shields.

The SuckleThrough Nipple Shield is made of soft silicone that is very comfortable to use even when your nipple extends outside the opening of the shield.

The purpose of the Suckle Through Nipple Shield, which facilitates the transition to direct breastfeeding while still providing protection on the base of mother’s nipple. Free milk flow is important for saliva-breastmilk communication and weaning off traditional nipple shields. However, if you have inverted nipples then maybe your nipple doesn’t extend through the hole on it. But you should still be able to use it to help with direct breastfeeding as the nipple portion of the shield still mimics a mother’s nipple.

Not recommended for moms with inverted nipples because it doesn’t have enough structure to mimic mother’s nipple to stimulate baby’s nursing. It is designed for moms with elastic nipples.

How to use:
– Clean nipples first.
– Attach and center the nipple shield around the nipple.
– Press around with hand to ensure a good seal.
– Start nursing. Your nipple should extend through the nipple shield for optimal results.

– To clean, place in boiling water for 3 minutes before first use. Afterwards, wash with warm soapy water after each use.
– To store: dry on a bottle rack first and place in a sealed bag.
– Do not use sharp objects such as a bottle brush to clean.


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