Maymom Flange Adapter


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Fits between Maymom breastshield and SpeCtra backflow protector
Enable Spectra breast pump users (S1, S2, 9 plus, M1) to be able to enjoy Maymom’s full range of one-piece breastshield
Refers only to the yellow adapter. Other parts in the photo are for demonstration only. Also, the adapter color may vary from the photo.
Compatible Spectra Pumps
Spectra Baby USA S2

Spectra Baby USA S1 Hospital Grade Double/single Breast Pump W Rechargeable Battery No Tote

Spectra 9 Plus Advanced Electric Breast Pump

Spectra M1 Advanced Portable Single/Double Breast Pump
For other models of Spectra pumps, you don’t need this adapter. Maymom’s breastshields can fit the Spectra tubing which connects to Spectra pump.


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