Maymom MyFit Base Connectors (Narrow Neck)


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Narrow Neck 2Gd. Base Connector
2x Base Connector for use with Maymom two-piece shields and Compatible with Medela PeronalFit Breast Shields and new Flex Shields
– Easy to clean
– US FDA registered medical device (No. D192499); Products are inspected by US FDA. Complies with US FDA and EUstandards for containers that contact food and class II medical device; Test reports are online for your reference;
– Retail poly-bag packed; sealed by the manufacturer – Maymom, not original Medela parts
– Made of Bisphenol-A (BPA)/DEHP-free material and all components are steam safe for sterilization.

Exclusive pumper’s thoughts:
All I can say is I am addicted to this product! I have several of these (wide neck base connector) because I only use Avent bottles while I pump and use different flanges or breastshields with them. I just love the versatility of them! Aside from using this with the Maymom MyFit Breast shields, I can connect different flanges from different brands like Pumpin’ Pals, Lacteck Babymotion Flanges, and Medela breastshields with this! It’s very easy to clean and I just love the convenience of the detachable breast shields. It makes it super easy to put it in a pumping bra.


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