Maymom Narrow Neck One-piece Flange with Valve and Membrane


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– Includes 1 ONE-Piece flange, 1x valves/1x membranes (this replace your spectra duckbills), 1 Spectra Adapter (adapters to allow your Spectra to use Medela and Maymom Flanges. Using the adatper and a backflow protector can maintain a closed System for your spectra pumps)
– SUITABLE FOR MOTHERS BORN WITH TWO NIPPLES OF DIFFERENT SIZES: Not Original Spectra Parts. Why selling only ONE-side? Not every mother was born with two nipples of the same size. With this listing, a mother can buy one size of pumping kit for her individual nipple.
– Make good use of your old Medela bottles, valves, membranes and flanges with spectra pumps
– Small investment on this Maymom adapter will enable you to take advantages of the best in both Medela and spectra systems.
– INTERCHANGEABLE WITH SPECTRA PARTS. All parts are interchangeable with Spectra Pump Parts. Can be used with Spectra flange, Spectra backflow protector, Spectra valve, and Spectra tubing. The flanges can only connect to WIDE MOUTH bottles like spectra bottle (wide mouth version), avent bottle, Motif Luna bottle and Maymom wide mouth bottle.
– Connects to Standard-sized bottle (NOT wide-mouth bottle). CLOSED SYSTEM. No contact between milk and tubing.
– After market pump parts made by Maymom. Not original spectra pump parts.
– Measure nipples before making the purchase. You can save time in finding the best fit of flange for your pumping comfort and efficiency.
– Compatible with Maymom valves and backflow protectors
– Made from BPA free material. Dishwasher top rack safe. The flange is autoclaveable in a clinical setting and household use.
– IN RETAIL PACK. All parts can be sterilized with water steam or boiling water.
– Does not contain any BPA. Tested by independent labs for safety.

DIFFERENT FLANGE SIZE AVAILABLE: 15mm, 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 24mm.
small increments to meet every mother’s pumping needs. We also provide inserts to complement some mothers’ special needs.

– 15 mm, suitable for mothers with nipple diameter AFTER pumping 13-14 mm
– 17 mm, suitable for mothers with nipple diameter AFTER pumping 15-16 mm
– 19 mm, suitable for mothers with nipple diameter AFTER pumping 17-18 mm
– 21 mm, suitable for mothers with nipple diameter AFTER pumping 19-20 mm
– 24 mm, suitable for mothers with nipple diameter AFTER pumping 22-23 mm
* Note: the 24mm is the best suited to use flange inserts with.

It is recommended to replace the breast shields and flanges every 6 months to maintain the performance of your pumping sessions.

Exclusive pumper’s thought:
This is the easiest to clean because of it’s one-piece flange design. It is the most economical option if you are on a tighter budget, and you don’t need to buy the valve separately (valves are still recommended to replace every month to maintain optimal pumping sessions)


15mm, 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 24mm


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