Maymom Wide Neck Milk Storage Collection Bottle with SureSeal Sealing Disk


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NO NIPPLES are included in this purchase. They are wide-neck collection bottles for Avent manual, Avent Electric Breastpump , Spectra s2, Spectra s1, Spectra 9plus pumps; also suitable for Bellababy pump
100% LEAK PROOF. Incl. silicone SureSeal (TM) sealing disc so no leak at all; The bottle has 5-mL incremental measurement marks. You know exactly how much milk you have produced.

BALL-PEN WRITEABLE TOP – the SureSeal silicone top can be marked with a ball-pen, and removed with soapy water. You can date the bottle to know the age of the contained milk, or name the bottle so no mix-up in the daycare refrigerator;

BOTTLE COMPATIBLE WITH NIPPLES AND RINGS of AVENT NATURAL, AVENT CLASSIC, and SPECTRA BOTTLES. Pump directly into these the bottles, so no transfers of breastmilk, and so No Waste of milk.

DISHWASHER TOP RACK SAFE – REUSABLE BPA FREE BOTTLES. ALL PARTS REMOVEABLE FOR CLEARNING – NO MILDEW. Temperature range -20 – 110 deg. C. Made from PP and silicone. Dishwasher top rack safe. All parts can be removed and sanitized with water steam or boiling water – no mildew growth.


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