ThinkMilk Silicone Nipple Ruler


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Introducing our very own Think Milk Silicone Nipple Ruler. Flange size is important! It will make or break your pumping game. Having the right size will make your pumping sessions more comfortable, efficient, and effective which will eventually lead to more milk production. Having the wrong flange size may lead to clogged milk ducts,–that if left untreated, can develop into mastitis– breast tissue damage, or nipple damage (short or long-term). Did you know that during your breastfeeding journey, nipple sizes also change. So rechecking your nipple size is just as important. Checking and rechecking your nipple sizes has never gotten easier. 🤍 No huss. No fuss. 🤍 Laser-accurate measurements. 🤍 Clean cuts. No rough edges.


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