Youha The Ins Gen 2 Accessories


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Replacement Cups 24/28mm – Contains BreastShield, 1pc Valve, 1 Pc Membrane, 1pc 150ml Cup
Membrane – 1pc Membrane
BreastShield 24/28mm – 1 Pc Youha The Ins BreastShield
Valve – 1pc Youha The Ins Replacement Valve
Youha Inserts 18/19mm – 1pc Youha Universal Inserts

The Ins Accessories

Rep Cups 24mm SET, Rep Cups 28mm SET, Membrane, Valve 1pc, Inserts 18mm 1pc, Inserts 19mm 1pc, Replacement Cup, BreastShield 28mm, BreastShield 24mm, Inserts 20mm 1pc, Inserts 22mm 1pc


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